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Thailand Travel: GPS Navigation to the Land of Smiles.
Your taste buds savor the flavor of Thai cuisine.
Your brain works overtime to record the exotic sights, sounds, smells and unaccustomed  experiences.
Your mind enwraps the clamour and the quiet, the bustle and the relaxation, the crowds and the solitude...

Travel Thailand without packing a 700 page guide book
[your phone/tablet is lighter, faster
and carries hundreds of times more info]

Thailand Travel is written by me, Garry Worger, a Canadian "wandererwho has been returning to Thailand… 6 months every year… for over a decade…

Created for those who are thinking about a trip to the exotic Orient… SE Asia

And  wondering if it’s worth visiting.

I’ve fallen head-over-heels with this part of the world, and want you to understand why I am a promoter of visiting or living here.

I've lived 3 of those ten years in Bangkok, and 5 in Chiang Mai, so I can write about those with some authority... I know what I like! LOL

AND I've spent several months in other places
[Cha Am, Hua Hin, Chiang Rai, Phuket]

PLUS visited lots more.

I provide "real" Thailand travel information...
[the good and the bad/ugly]

I've got to admit the bad/ugly is real.

  • a few rip-off places that frustrating to visit
    I'll guide you past these
  • occasional scams pop up
    My Blog and Newsletter have alerts
  • unintelligible government regulations that once in a while trip up visitors
    My Blog and Newsletter have warnings about these
  • cultural “quirks” that you should understand
    I've got a webpage about these, and Newsletter Subscribers can download my no-cost report 

ON THE PLUS SIDE...Did I mention that I love being here? 

  • There are so many exotic things to eat, to see and to do!
    laid back and relaxed, too, if that's your fancy...

  • It’s safe
    if you’re sensible!

  • It’s friendly
    Thailand is known as The Land of Smiles

  • It’s warm!
    I originally came here to leave Canadian winters behind

This is what I leave behind in Canada for 6 months of the year!

Calgary snowstormResults of a Calgary snowstorm

Cha Am beachJust another day in paradise at the Cha Am beach

I abandon Alberta snow storms for Thai beach resorts...
a great tradeoff!

How to navigate the Thailand Travel Guide

This guide will navigate you to...

  • great food,
  • comfy hotels, 
  • “far out” activities,
  • places to meditate,
  • exotic culture
  • and more…

It contains most everything I’ve discovered during my ten plus years… AND… includes tips from others who've been here…

Each location on this Thailand travel site
[right hand column]
has 5 "quest" areas for you to navigate!

1 - Getting there...
what's best, what's cheapest, what's reliable

  • bus
  • train
  • plane
  • van

2 - Sleep...
all about accommodation: budget, medium, luxurious, resorts

  • hostel
  • hotel
  • serviced apartment
  • house

3 - Eat...
Thai, Lanna, Ethnic.
Spicy, bland, cheap, pricey

  • Street food
  • Thai restaurants
  • Ethnic restaurants

4 - Culture...
Thai expectations of visitors
Places to visit

  • Temples
  • Arts
  • Social

5 - Things to do... 
for the young and indefatigable
to the old and almost immobile

  • Extreme
  • Learning
  • Carousing

Here's how I suggest you proceed.

First, click on the Thai city you want to explore [right hand column]

complete these 3 steps

  1. Read all the pages related to that destination.
  2. Take the virtual tours (more on this)
  3. Make notes. (more on this)

Second, plan your trip

complete these 4 steps

  1. Where will you visit?
  2. For how long?
  3. How will you get there?
  4. Note the 10 most important things for you to experience? (more on this)

The most important items to bring on your Thailand Travel adventure.

Information and a sense of adventure are all you need to have an amazing time.

I can provide the first, and help you navigate the quests that you tackle.

Warmest regards,

Garry says

p.s. Thailand will mesmerize you with fantastic food, warm weather, friendly folk, captivating culture, luxurious lifestyle on a budget... the secrets of the Exotic Orient!