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My name's Garry Worger.
I suppose this website could be construed (loosely construed) as my personal love poem to the people, the places, the wonder of exotic Thailand.

Let this "insider" guide you intimately through all you need to know about Thailand... travel, hotels, food, culture, activities...

That's my promise to you and I challenge you to hold me to my that!

My purpose?

If you, dear reader, were a good buddy of mine… then this website would be delivered (I have no doubt) over a multitude of lazy Thai evenings; evenings wherein you and I quaffed lots of coffee (beer, wine, spirits, whatever), plus scarfed down some amazing food.

All of this happening whilst I regaled you with the myriad of reasons I love Thailand...

and why I urge so many of my friends to explore the country and seriously consider retiring here!

Maybe not coffee!

And why I suspect that you, too, would/could get to love it as much as I do.

What to expect...

  • Be prepared for a travelogue.
  • Be prepared for a tonne of pictures.
  • Be prepared for a sales spiel.

Imagine I’m trying to
seduce/convince/entice you
into joining me in retirement
in this delightful country.

I am somewhat limited by what I can offer to you, though... 'cuz I am what I am... and what I am is...

  • an old man (born in 1940)
  • heterosexual
  • divorced (after 30+ years and three children)
  • teacher for 43 years
  • a guy who led a very conventional life until I retired at age 65
  • a man who no longer gives a much of a damn about what others think 

For instance... I got a full back tattoo after the age of 70.
Now maybe that does not qualify for much of a change from a conventional life for you...
but it sure does for me.

The tattoo is based on two Thai temples.

The Dragon Temple South-West of Bangkok and
the White Temple near Chiang Rai.

Click the picture to read about those two of my favorite Thai Temples.

So why do I, Garry Worger, set myself up as an "expert" on visiting or retiring in Thailand?

That's a fair question!

Here's what one of my buddies says,
after he took my advice
and came here for a visit...
and ended up staying!

Harold's Story

I’ve been a buddy of Garry for about 30 years. I watched his life go into the crapper after he retired, and thought “No frikken way will that happen to me!”

Oh boy! Everything seemed to go down the drain for me, too.

I retired just as my wife and I were going through a miserable divorce.

I lost my house.

I was at a loss for things to do.

And cash-flow was going to be a problem… the writing was on the wall about finances…

I tried to find out where a guy could retire… preferably always warm, inexpensive, safe, and with lots of dusky maidens!

Mexico, Belize and Panama didn't work out!

And Canada sure the hell didn’t.

I had trouble coming to grips with Garry’s ringing endorsement of what he called “a paradise for old retired guys”. It’s hard to believe such a place exists.

I finally took Garry’s advice, and let him arrange a trip for us to South East Asia… a place I was suspicious of!

I didn’t understand the culture. Or speak the language. Or know what was safe and what wasn’t. Or where to live. Or if I could eat the food. Or where I could find a dusky maiden!

OMG… best decision I ever made! This has to be the ultimate paradise for older single men.

Very civilized… the more rural areas are 3d world, but urban areas have all the amenities of Australian, European and North American cities.

Friendly people… everybody smiles!

Great weather… no snow, ice, or slippery driving

Tasty food… I live in an area where there scores of local [and Western] restaurants. A professional cook prepares meals for me. They serve me. They clean up afterwards.

Inexpensive living… I’m paying about $200 a month for a studio apartment.

Superior medical and dental care at bargain prices… this country is a medical destination. World class hospitals. Very modern medical and dental faculties at several universities, so locally trained medicos are extremely competent.

Safe… I’ve never felt threatened or in danger in 10 years.

And I’ve found a life partner… a sweet and caring lady! I’m looking after her and her family, which is no burden at all. And I’m being looked after like I could only dream about in my previous life.

My advice?

If you feel life is passing you by [just as I felt in Canada]… then pay attention to what I’ve found! 

I live here permanently and I’m never going back to Canada. 

Life is just too damned good!

Garry's advice borders on genius!

"But... will Thailand work for me?" I hear you ask.

Thailand is set up to cater to any

  • SEX
  • AGE


But first…

before you commit to living here…

travel throughout Thailand, several times… 

and find out whether the country meets with your needs and expectations.

And that's where I can be most use to you... navigating you to the different aspects of the country.

p.s. Remember... give me hell if I don't do the job I promised! If I make an error... point it out. If I shortchange some aspect... demand more!
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