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Which Chiang Mai restaurant will you try today?

There's a Chiang Mai restaurant for every foodie and appetite and price range... the choice may be overwhelming!

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Reviews and Comments

Stuart Beard, a retired Professional Chef, reviews the Sausage King.

Chiang Mai restaurants I have tried and recommend...

Casual all day breakfasts at Chiang Mai restaurants

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Sausage King restaurant

Sausage King Restaurant... well worth the drive  and GPS navigating!

Big Boy breakfast from the Sausage King

Big Boy English Breakfast from the Sausage King.
PLUS 2 pieces of toast, coffee and orange juice!

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Ombra Caffe

The Ombra Caffe is next door to my hotel, so it's easy to get to.
Even if it was blocks away... I'd go!

Vietnamese breakfast at Ombra

Vietnamese breakfast at Ombra
with Nana Bakery sweet bun and specialty coffee

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I believe this is one of the most restful coffee shops I've been to.
It's almost like being in the countryside... quiet!
And the coffee is great.

Small lake or wide river

Small lake or wide river?

Bright and cheerful and comfortable

Bright, cheerful, comfortable

Latte, cappuccino and more

Latte, cappuccino and more

French toast and fresh fruit

French toast and fresh fruit

I went for the coffee and comfort and ambience...
and ate the French Toast!

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The Sausage King
A breakfast treat fit for a King
 Not rated yet
The Sausage King is a pleasant 20 minute ride out of town or just 5 minutes from Meechok Plaza... this is the place for comfort food . Not just …

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