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My Thai Blogs
These are about my trips around SE Asia and other places: 2006 - present

My Thai blogs are of 2 types…

The older ones [2006 until 2019] which will be listed below as I write them.

The newer starting in 2020 that are in the right hand column.

Older Blogs

I originally wrote these as email letters to a dozen or so friends and family while I was touring. Then I put them on a website, which has since shut down, and sent links to me loyal fans.

I’ve re-created them here.

My first blog is a summary of my experiences [2006-2015]
with that most dreaded of Asian phenomenon…

My experiences with these toilets range from the disgusting to the sublime… 

In 2006, I travelled from Edmonton, Canada, to Bangkok with an overnight in South Korea... my first trip to the Exotic Orient.

  1. I spent the first 4 days looking around Bangkok and preparing for further adventures

Warmest regards,

Garry says

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